Feeling Forced to Celebrate Your Mother?

And childfree events and podcast updates.

Do you avoid social media on Mother’s Day?

For years, I’ve dreaded the “Happy Mother’s Day” posts partially because my mother has been dead since 2005 and because I don’t believe that being a mother is the most important job that a woman can have.

Seeing people who I know have fractured relationships with their moms post glowing messages online has made me question the sincerity of it all. If you don’t like your mother, why is it necessary to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day? Do you mean it? I was not close to my mother, but we did become friends in the last five years of her life. Should she still be living, I would wish her HMD and mean it. But, there was a time when those words felt forced and meaningless.

As someone who has not ever wanted to have kids, I don’t experience FOMO on this day. I will wake up on Sunday morning to the sound of the birds chirping outside and the sun shining through the bedroom bay window. I will enjoy the quiet and privacy of my house.

Sunday (May 9th) is Mother’s Day, and there’s a special audio event on the Clubhouse app for childfree people who have narcissistic mothers. Even if you love your mom, you can still attend. All you need is an iPhone/iPad and an invite to Childfree Club. Email me if you need an invite! It’s free. (info@lenorafaye.com)

New podcast episodes

Childfree Girls

We took a few of The Transformed Wife's tweets and tried to find the logic behind her biblical, God-fearing, and often misogynistic words. Would you like to know if we were successful? Listen to this episode to find out! If you want to watch the show, click the image below! Hey, that rhymes. Ha!

Accidental Parenthood

Evan and LeNora discuss why Evan doesn't use his kids to get attention on social media. Evan acknowledges that he did sacrifice going to college at 19 to raise his son(s), but he doesn't go around asking for applause. He also admits to asking his kids for permission to go out. Sibling banter: LeNora misses the days when her younger brother was more docile instead of teasing her all the time. You can listen to this episode on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and more!

Childfree Club on Clubhouse app (iPhone)

Android users, you can participate in the conversation via The Bitchy Bookkeeper Instagram stories! 

  • Childfree Morning Chat -Monday to Friday @10 AM EST 

  • Childfree and living with Chronic Illness - Mondays @5 PM EST 

  • Childfree Evening Tea - Tuesdays @8 PM EST

  • Childfree Mental Health Check-In/Chat Wednesdays @4:30 PM EST

  • Childfree: It’s a Choice Thursdays @5 PM EST

  • *Childfree LGBTQIA+ - Saturdays @1 PM EST

  • Childfree Sunday Brunch Sundays @11 AM EST

Childfree Club has over 400 members now! Daily audio-chats with childfree people from around the world! If you have an iPhone and want to participate in these conversations, email me for an invite! The Clubhouse app is still in beta testing, so you need an invitation to join the app. We have lots!


2021 Virtual Childfree Conference updates

Saturday, July 31, streaming live on Facebook and YouTube—this free, global event features over childfree 25 speakers from around the world. These are the names released so far! Be sure to follow the official 2021 Virtual Childfree Conference Facebook page to see all the speaker bios and watch this event!

This conference is an all-day event, streaming for 8 hours!

Final thoughts

Last Mother’s Day, my Childfree Girls co-hosts and I made this video sharing our thoughts. It stands the test of time. Even though my “blog” is now nearly three years old and it’s morphed into a lifestyle brand.

Whether you plan on celebrating your mother, anyone else who has mothered you, or ignoring the day altogether, have a lovely week!

Until next time,

LeNora Faye

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