Hey, Childfree People Are Busy Too!

And updates on childfree events and podcasts.


Apologies for the hiatus on the newsletter! Childfree Club on Clubhouse and the 2021 Virtual Childfree Conference saw rapid expansion these last few weeks, and it was all I could do to keep up. 

I hope you are well, and if you are new to this newsletter, welcome! And to my regulars, thank you for reading!

Do your friends with kids expect you to accommodate your schedule to theirs? Whenever you invite them out, “I can’t because Sally has soccer and Bobby has ballet.” And then when they invite you out, your reason for saying “no” isn’t good enough. “I have a meeting with my collaborators.” “Can’t you change it?” 


Childfree people have busy lives! And sometimes, we are busy relaxing and taking time out to read a book or having an extra-long hot shower or playing the piano. I used to be the one to drive to my friends’ houses. I was happy to do it. Over the years, I’ve created a home for myself where I prefer to hang out. Busy with various business ventures, most of them childfree-related, my hours of spare time are fleeting. 

Last week, I had an anxiety attack. And then I got a message from my companion that the lake cabin I visit regularly was available for a couple of weeks. With wifi! So, I packed up my home office, half my closet, and headed out on the road. My brain has been mush since arriving, but some time in nature has helped me relax and start fresh for the week ahead. I’ll be here for the remainder of June, maintaining my regular schedule. 

And now, onto all the latest in childfree stuff. 

Childfree Girls podcast episodes

Episode 43: In this episode, we turn the spotlight on Isabel and her contributions to the childfree community, including Childfree Rallies ( which I’ve attended, and they are awesome!)

Episode 44: This episode is all about me! Haha

Episode 45: Kristen hates talking about herself, so Isabel and I had fun putting her in the hot seat.

You can also listen to the Childfree Girls podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, PlayerFM and other major podcast apps!

Childfree Morning Chat- Every Monday through Friday

This is my morning chat show I host every weekday! I’ve been doing it for 15 weeks now! Never missed a day. New users joining from India, Pakistan, and Kenya! The conversation is never the same from day to day. We laugh, vent, support one another, and inspire each other to keep spreading the childfree message!

iPhone and Android users worldwide can join. It’s 100% free to join and use the app. You still need an invite, and I have tons of them because I host conversations 7 days a week in Childfree Club (founded by Childfree Girls). Email me— info@lenorafaye.com if you want an invite to join!

2021 Virtual Childfree Conference

We’re just over a month away from the 2021 Virtual Childfree Conference! This FREE global event is streaming live at 9:00 AM EST on Saturday, July 31 (August 1-Australia). You can watch it on the official Facebook page and YouTube Channel!

Childfree Journals

I run a childfree lifestyle brand called The Bitchy Bookkeeper, which created a line of paperback journals for the childfree community. Volume 1 & 2 recently got updated covers!

Each journal has 139 lined pages for your thoughts, rants, daydreams, and/or grocery lists. Plus 11 pages of childfree quotes and personal insights about choosing not to have kids. Available on all Amazon marketplaces!

Childfree pick-of-the-week

This article came across my Twitter feed- “I Miss You; when friendships take different paths.” - written by Ali Hall. I know many of us feel the same way as our friends start having kids. Click here to read!

Final thoughts

It’s humbling to hear stories of other childfree people from around the world who stand strong in their childfree choice despite cultural pressure. Last week, I met with individuals from Kenya, India, and Pakistan passionate about spreading awareness of this choice. Knowing that none of us are alone in our desire not to have kids is comforting.

Wishing you a pleasant week ahead!

Until next time,

LeNora Faye

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