I Don’t Want Kids. Now What?

And the childfree events and podcasts happening this week.


A few weeks ago, someone asked me for advice on what to do with their life after deciding not to have kids. In context, the person asking is in their early 20s. I remember well the pressure of having to have my entire future planned out at that age. Marriage and children didn't interest me, so my focus was on being the best violinist and teacher I could be. Staying busy and having a plan was the only way I felt secure in my life. And I know many people who had children to feel safe.

I wish I knew back then that I would end up pursuing other interests in my 30s. Opportunities presented themselves when I was ready for them. It's ok to take a job that's not ideal, to take the college course you can afford that helps you develop different skills. I went to college for something unrelated to music that came in handy years later after I quit teaching and performing. Did I dream about having a childfree lifestyle brand? No. Back when I was planning out my future, I had no idea the term “childfree” existed. Wi-Fi didn't exist either.

So, whether you are about to graduate high school or having a quarter-life crisis at 25 ( I had one) or reinventing yourself at 40, be open to the incredible possibilities that are coming your way. The goal/dream you have in mind is not the end of the line. There's more beyond it.

Childfree Club on Clubhouse app (iPhone) *new this week

Android users, you can participate in the conversation via The Bitchy Bookkeeper Instagram stories! 

  • Childfree Morning Chat -Monday to Friday @10 AM EST 

  • *Childfree and living with Chronic Illness - Mondays @5 PM EST

  • *Childfree Evening Tea - Tuesdays @8:15 PM EST

  • Childfree Mental Health Check-In/Chat Wednesdays @4:30 PM EST

  • Childfree: It’s a Choice Thursdays @5 PM EST

  • *Childfree LGBTQIA+ - Saturdays @1 PM EST

  • Childfree Sunday Brunch Sundays @11 AM EST

Childfree Club has over 400 members now! Daily audio-chats with childfree people from around the world! If you have an iPhone and want to participate in these conversations, email me for an invite! The Clubhouse app is still in beta testing, so you need an invitation to join the app. We have lots!


Upcoming podcast air dates

Childfree Girls podcast and web series airs a brand new episode on Sunday, May 3rd! 32,000 downloads and counting! Catch up on previous episodes on our YouTube channel or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Podbean, PlayerFM and other major streaming apps!

Accidental Parenthood also airs a new episode on Sunday, May 3rd. This is a collaboration I do with my brother, who is a parent. I interview him about his experience as a teen dad to now 30something single father of two. I also share my perspective as a childfree-by-choice woman. It’s a fun conversation. Episode 13 aired last week, and we discuss the need for more Childfree friends. Even my brother prefers friends who don’t have kids.

2021 Virtual Childfree Conference

A free all-day event live-streaming on Saturday, July 31st! We’ve been announcing the speakers every day on the official conference Facebook and Instagram pages.

Final thoughts

Blogging and podcasting about being childfree were not part of my life plan. The first time someone suggested that I start a blog and a podcast, I told them, “no freakin way!” I wasn’t ready. It took me two years (of blogging and podcasting) before I felt ready to do a weekly newsletter. Hosting daily audio chats is another opportunity that has come my way in recent weeks. I was ready for that. I’m always ready to talk. Ha. My grammar editor tells me I’ve used “ready” too many times. My point is, there’s no need to know how you’re going to fill up your life. Everything gets revealed in due time.

Wishing you a great week of whatever!

Until next time,

LeNora Faye

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