It’s Too Hot to Wear Clothes!

And all the latest updates on childfree podcasts and events!

Holy hell, it’s HOT!!!!

Western Canada is currently experiencing record-high temperatures. I’m on a two-week road trip in southern interior British Columbia. My home is in the neighbouring province of Alberta and also under a heatwave. I’ve been making good use of the boat and the beautiful lake. It’s near midnight as I write this, and sweat is still dripping down my face. No air conditioning at the cabin here! This week has involved many naps, BBQs, sunshine, and hours floating in the lake—in between the daily conversations and meetings for various childfree ventures. I’ll be heading back to the city mid-week. 

I live life as a single woman—companionship in moderation is my motto. I identify as Queer and embrace that part of me at the ripe old age of 38. Diversity within the childfree community plays a significant role in my journey of self-acceptance. This moment, in my blissful yet hot and humid lake cabin bubble, I feel how fast time is flying. The second half of my 30s has been the dream that I longed for in my childhood days. Not because things are perfect, but because I’ve experienced enough contrast to appreciate what I have right now. 

Earlier today, in Childfree Club on the Clubhouse app, we were discussing how childfree people often feel like they have to hide their joy around people who have kids. I decided not to have kids, and as a result, I have a certain level of freedom to use my time and resources in a specific way. To some, my life appears hedonistic. And yes, it kind of is, with intent. I knew I wanted to live a free life, including being pet-free. You don’t have to understand right away why you want to do or not do something. Clarity happens with time. Choices I’ve made in the past make more sense to me now. I can see how each choice plays into my life at present. 

Childfree Girls podcast

Episode 46 - “How can you possibly by ‘busy’ if you don’t have kids?” This latest episode is mostly unedited so bloopers are included as the three of us discuss the notion of being overwhelmed even when you don’t have kids. I mention my late mother, who never made a fuss about being exhausted even while battling a fatal illness and raising two kids. You can watch the episode below or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc.

2021 Virtual Childfree Conference

We are one month away from the childfree event of the year! The 2021 Virtual Childfree Conference is a FREE international event streaming live on Saturday, July 31 (August 1-Australia)! You can watch the conference on the official Facebook page . The event will be recorded and made available for replay at a later date!

Would you like to be a part of it? Send your 60-second video stating your (first) name, location (country) and what you LOVE most about being childfree to CONFERENCE@CHILDFREEFAMILY.COM

I’m a co-founder and moderator for this event.

Childfree Club

The only club you’ll find me in these days. Ha! As this app has opened up to the rest of the world and android users, it’s truly an international childfree conversation every single day! Free to join and participate! Download the app and email me or leave a comment to get an invite to activate the app. Otherwise it’ll make you wait forever before letting you join. I can get you instant access!

Final thought

One of the major reasons why I love travelling/living alone is not having to wear clothes, especially when under such an intense heatwave. I mean, yes I have a companion staying with me at the cabin because it’s their place and there are bears… but no kids! Ever! Not while I’m staying here.

Stay cool out there!

Until next time,

LeNora Faye

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